Shoes / Slippers

Our Princes Risborough store holds a range of wide-fit shoes, slippers and house shoes, including a range from DB Shoes.

Shoes start in width fitting EE, and go up to 8E. The wider fit, and deeper toe box helps to accommodate wider, or swollen feet, or orthopaedic inserts.

Our slippers are designed for ease of getting on and off, and some open all the way down to the toe.

House shoes have all the softness and warmth of slippers, but with the support of shoes in the sole and heel. This reduces the risk of falling or tripping compared with standard slippers that can be sloppy on the feet.

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DB shoes

Wide Fitting shoes for wider feet. The deeper toe-box also helps accommodate swollen or misshapen feet.
Wide range of styles and types available. Visit our Princes Risborough showroom to try them for size, and choose your new shoes.

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House shoes

House shoes are an excellent alternative to slippers. With a proper sole, and supportive heel, house shoes will help you avoid trips and falls, whilst keeping your feet snuggly warm like your favourite slippers.