A mobility scooter may be the perfect way to help you remain independent. Ideal for those who are finding it a little harder to walk longer distances, either to or around shops, or on days out.

At ILC we have a range of scooters available for you to try, so visit either of our showrooms for an assessment and demonstration.

Types of scooter

Small Boot scooters: light and compact, and easily come apart to be lifted into a car. Limited to 4mph they can be taken indoors where space allows. Perfect for shopping, days out or holidays. Maximum range on a single battery charge usually between 8 and 16 miles.

Class 2 Pavement scooters: small to medium sized, ideal for everyday use. May include features such as front and rear lights, or suspension, and could come with either solid puncture proof tyres, or pneumatic tyres for a softer ride. may be ideal to take you from your house down to your local village or town centre. Maximum range on a single charge usually between 15 and 25 miles.

Class 3 Road scooters : Larger scooters that are capable of 8mph and can be ridden on public roads. They have a switch to limit speed to 4mph for use on the pavement. Come with front and rear lights, horn and indicators, and often have full suspension. Maximum range on a single charge usually around 25 – 35 miles, although some offer up to 50 miles.

Choosing your scooter

The main points to consider when purchasing a scooter include:

  • Does it need to be transported in a car?
  • What size is the user? (Smaller scooters can have limited leg room, and lower max user weight limits.)
  • How much suspension is needed? (Some scooters offer a softer rider than others.)
  • What type of terrain do you need it to cover?
  • How far do you want to be able to travel between charges?
  • Might you ride your scooter at night or on dark evenings?

Beyond that, you will also have a choice of styles and colour. There may also be accessories that you will find useful – stick holders, bags, weatherproof wear, or even a full scooter canopy.

Colt Twin
Better legroom for taller users.

Turning circle of a 3-wheeler, with the stability of 4 wheels.
Centre front wheels allow for extra legroom.
Sturdy scooter for everyday use.

GoGo Elite Traveller
Lightweight travel scooters, 3-wheel or 4-wheel.

Excellent small scooters that fit easily into your car.
3-wheel and 4-wheel versions available.
Come with spare colour panels for a change of look!

Kymco Midi XLS
Powerful road scooter.

8mph road scooter with pneumatic tyres and suspension for a comfortable ride.
50ah batteries give 25 mile range on single charge.

Kymco Maxxer
Super scooter for off-road adventure!

Great scooter for the great outdoors!
Suspension, pneumatic tyres, waterproof LCD backlit display, LED lighting, power socket for phone charger or accessories. 35 mile range.

Kymco Mini LS
Our best selling small scooter - lightweight and powerful!

Perfect small scooter. 16 mile range, powerful motor, good ground clearance, but still fits into your car boot!
Choice of colours, for a personal touch.