Sticks, canes & crutches

Walking aids need to be functional, but can be stylish too! We stock a range of walking sticks, including folding canes and adjustable height sticks, in a variety of designs.

All walking aids should be set to the correct height for the user, to avoid stress on the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints, and poor posture. The correct height will usually be the level of the users wrist when they are standing straight with their arms hanging down by their sides.

Some walking sticks are adjustable in height, allowing you to ensure the correct cane length. Wooden sticks can be cut to the correct height for you.

Folding sticks are useful where you might need to take your stick with you, perhaps on your scooter, or when using a wheelchair or rollator some of the time.

Floral walking sticks
Various floral and other designs available.
Etched black walking stick
Comfy grip or contour grip folding walking cane.
Folding walking sticks
Folding sticks in a variety of designs.
Traditional walking sticks
Traditional crook handle sticks.
Contour grip sticks
Left & right handed, contoured grip for comfort.
Multi footed sticks
3 footed, or 4 footed sticks, for added stability.
Soft grip comfort handle crutches
Comfort grip, adjustable height.
Adjustable crutches
With single or double height adjustment.
Walking stick seat
For the occasional rest stop.
Derby handle canes
With traditional derby handle.