Four wheel rollators

Four wheels offer more stability than three, so many of our customers choose a four wheeled rollator.

There are several different styles to choose from. It is important to consider where you want to use the rollator – in your home, at the shops, or on days out. Some will cope with rougher terrain than others, so think about the pavements and footpaths that you will want to use.

Most rollators will fold, some more successfully than others. Our staff will also ask if you will be wanting to take the rollator in a car, and if so, who will be lifting it into and out of the boot.

Finally, some of the rollators we stock come in a choice of colours, giving you the chance to express your individuality.

Able2 four wheel rollator
Basic budget rollator, with sturdy seat.
Days lightweight aluminium rollator
Simple sturdy rollators, ranging from 6 - 9 kg.
City Walker
Folds inwards and downwards, with tuck in wheels for extra small spaces.
Topro Rollators
Strong rollators, ideal for rougher terrain and extra stability.
Uniscan Cadet
Super lightweight, compact rollator with seat. Made in Britain.