Rollators / Walking Aids


For those needing a little extra support to get about, we stock a range of walking sticks, walking frames, and wheeled rollators.

Our staff will assess your needs, and make recommendations based on your ability and needs.

If a simple walking cane is enough support for you, then there is a wide selection of canes to choose from. Try different handle shapes to see which you find most comfortable, and choose a colour to suit your own style.

Walking frames are sturdy fixed frames that can be lent on to assist safe movement around a home. Some have wheels on the front legs to help with ease of movement.

Rollators are wheeled frames that are ideal for getting out and about. There are several different sorts, from compact 3 wheelers, to large 4 wheelers with off-road style wheels! Visit our showroom to try our current range, and see which might be most suitable for you.

Walking frames
With or without front wheels, fixed or folding, and sized to fit. Walking frames offer a sturdy support to those needing it.

Made in the UK to order, with top quality materials and craftsmanship. Excellently engineered, incredibly lightweight, and perfectly thought out. An excellent choice of walking aid to keep you independent.

Topro rollators are easy to fold, stable, and made with high quality engineering. Made specifically for people with specialist mobility needs, Topro rollators are sturdy and able to cope with rough terrain.