Continence Supplies

We stock a full range of continence supplies, from mattress covers and bed and chair pads, to pants and pads.

Our staff are able to advise you about products that might be suitable for you, so please call us or speak to us in store.

Mattress Protection

Keep your mattress as clean as new with a purpose made mattress protector. A protector that fits like a fitted sheet will save your mattress from occasional accidents, or you may require a full encasement protector.

On top of that, we often recommend the use of washable bed pads, for ease of changing, and for personal comfort.

Pants and Pads

Choice of continence wear is very personal, and we find that customers may try two or three different styles or brands before settling on one product that works well for them. We stock a selection of different straight and shaped pads, and various types of continence pants, as well as net and PVC pants. We try to keep in stock at all times the items that our customers regularly buy, and we can arrange bulk orders and delivery if required.

Mattress Protectors

Protect your mattress with either a top mattress protector or a complete encasement protector. Various types are available, and our staff will make recommendations dependent on your needs.

Bed Protection

Washable or disposable bed pads will help protect your mattress and bedding, and keep night times dryer and more comfortable.

Pads and Pants

We stock a range of continence supplies – shaped pads, pull up or velcro pants, and waterproof pants. Choice of these items is very personal, and we try to keep stock of those brands and types that our customers regularly have need for.


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