Toilet Seats and surround frames

Raised toilet seats

Raised toilet seats are most commonly used by those with limited mobility due to arthritis, or following an operation such as a hip replacement.

The raised seat helps achieve a more comfortable sitting position, and aids with standing.

Surround frames and handles

Toilet surround frames provide a sturdy place to lean when standing from the toilet. They are often used in conjunction with a raised toilet seat. They are available in fixed and folding options.

Visit us to see our range in store, and to discuss your specific requirements.

Visit us to discuss your needs.
Raised toilet seats
2", 4" and 6" heights available.

Savannah raised toilet seats fit easily onto most standard toilets. They are available in different heights, and with or without a lid.

Visit us to discuss your needs.
Toilet surround frames

Fixed and folding surround frames are available. We usually have the most commonly used frames in stock, but more specialist frames can be ordered if needed.