Bathroom Aids

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Shower and bathing aids

Small bathing aids such as long handled sponges or lotion applicators help those with limited upper body mobility to continue to wash independently.

Shower stools and bath boards may be helpful where standing, or climbing in and out of a bath is difficult. For customers who prefer to soak in the bath rather than to shower, a raising bath seat may be of use.

Whatever your level of need, we have a range of items that may be able to help. Visit us to see what we have. Alternatively, if you are unable to get to us, then we may be able to arrange a home visit for you.

Toileting aids

Retaining dignity when visiting the smallest room is important, and there are a range of items that can help you retain independence in this area.

Raised Toilet seats may help those who would otherwise find it difficult to stand up by themselves. Toilet surround frames and grab rails may also help. Visit us for advice and to find the items that will be most helpful for you.

We stock a range of seating options for the bath or shower, from bath boards to shower stools. Visit us to discuss your needs, and we will advise you on the best options available.

A toilet surround frame will help the user rise from the toilet more easily. Surround frames are usually height adjustable, and some will fold away for storage.

Bath Lifts

A bath lift may enable you to continue to enjoy a long soak in the bath, even when your general mobility makes it a challenge to get into or out of the bath.
There are several options available, and we are able to arrange a demonstration of the different types of bath lift for you.