Assessments & Advice

We are proud to offer an advice and guidance service, and our team will guide you through the process of applying for DSS benefits.

  • Professional Assessment
  • Home Visits by Arrangement
  • Trusted Assessors for Bucks County Council
  • Advice & Guidance re. mobility and personal care products
  • Information on DSS non means tested benefits
  • Advice and information on funding for larger items
  • Free Confidential advice on continence and personal care
  • Care Management Assessments to facilitate access to domiciliary care, nursing and residential services

It is important that all customers make an informed when choice when seeking a solution to a mobility or personal care issue.

The assessment team at Independent Living is led by a fully qualified health and social care professional with over 20 years experience gained working in an acute general hospital. We are trusted assessors for Bucks County Council, and are part of the “Partners In Equipment” scheme. Many of our assessment services are free of charge, and we always inform customers before any charges are to be incurred.

Consequently, all our customers can be assured of receiving a professional service at all times; Independent Living’s ‘Duty of Care’ ensures ongoing commitment to customer service and aftercare.

In addition to offering advice and guidance on appropriate solutions to mobility and personal care issues and ensuring that any equipment purchased is ‘fit for purpose’, we can also give you and your loved ones advice and guidance on sourcing funding for larger purchases.

We are aware that many of us with health and social care needs may be eligible for non-means tested benefits and we are always happy to give advice and guidance in accessing these.